The vision for small groups at Cardiff Vineyard is simple: Life together.

God’s family is the church. Our Sunday mornings are like a family reunion – large, chaotic, fun. A chance to meet as one big community to worship God. Our small groups communities are therefore more like a family meal – smaller, deeper and still fun! A chance where you can talk about your day, learn together and care for one another. It is in the context of authentic, messy community like this where we are transformed to become more like Jesus.

Small groups meet throughout the week during term time in various locations around Cardiff. We run different types of groups and our hope is that everyone will find one that they can be a part of.


Community groups are a place where you can get to know other people, pray together, worship and discuss the Bible. Each group has a different theme or feel but all offer a friendly environment where you can explore and grow in your faith.

Courses run for one term only with a particular focus in mind allowing you the chance to explore a topic in depth. 

Activity groups are a chance to have fun, learn new skills and get to know people. They are easy groups to invite others to.

Student groups offer community to those studying in Cardiff. They provide a place where you can feel at home in a new city, get to know other students and work out together what it looks like to follow Jesus at university.

Interest groups provide a place for people with common interests to hang out together. They do not run on a weekly basis (maybe just a few times each term) and are primarily about getting to know others, as well as being easy to invite others to.  As these groups do not meet regularly, we would encourage people to be part of one of our other kinds of groups too.


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